Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue Chameleon

Is it wrong to be jealous of an illustrated reptile?  To say that Emily Gravett had-me-at-hello with her children’s book Blue Chameleon  would sound cliché. But it’s almost the actual, literal truth.

She had me at “Hi!”

And then again at “Howdy!”
With its loose sketchy style and play on the word blue, I would have banked my opinion on the cover alone. But the humorous, witty interior made me clasp the book to my heart and declare my undying love.

Through Emily's wonderful pencil, we witness the cheerful desperation of a cute little chameleon who contorts and rebrands himself in countless attempts to fit in and find a friend. This classic story of loneliness is told with hilarity, poignance and joy. Though the content itself is sparse and simple, it tells a familiar story with zesty originality.

In short, I’m jealous. Think anyone would notice if I slapped my name on the cover?