Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Hunger Games requires an exception

It’s goes against my unwritten personal reading policy to ditch one book in order to begin another. But when someone puts The Hunger Games into your hands, I think it’s okay to bend the rules. 

And so --mid-read-- Shopoholic & Baby has been cast aside for another day.  The cover of The Hunger Games has been cracked.  The contrast between the two books is laughable.  I'm trying to adjust my mind to be able to properly digest this story, after alternating wincing and laughing at the materialistic escapes of Becky Brandon, nee Bloomwood.

Given the premise of the story, I can’t help but be a little afraid at what I’m getting myself into.  I’m sentimental, overly empathetic, and get way too attached to my characters.  In less than a half hour I had been completely captured.

On the eighteenth page I gasped. By the 22nd I was wiping away tears. Any book that can get me so quickly is bound to be unforgettable.


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