Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birdie for the Girls

Our house has a lopsided boy:girl ratio.  I am completely outnumbered.  Admittedly, my book choices and recommendations tend to reflect that.  But today I thought I'd give a shout out to one of my favorite girly books, the ones I wish I could justify owning, but since I can't, I give them away to my nieces and friends. 

Sujean Rim's illustration style is perfection.  I love the wispy, playful feel.  I love how she incorporates pattern and fashion, but manages to still be little-girl-lovable.  And, never fear, though Birdie is a little fashionista in the making, in the end, she always chooses the joy of being a barefooted, fun-loving child.  Since the release of Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes , Sujean Rim has added two more Birdie books to the collection, Birdie's Big-Girl Dress and Birdie Plays Dress-Up .


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  1. This is the first book I ever bought for my niece (in fact, she was still in utero). And, she is currently obsessed with shoes. I was obsessed with the illustrations. I had no idea there were two more, but Molly is getting Big Girl Dress and Dress Up for her birthday for sure! I love a good girly book!


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