Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dot, a surprisingly fun book

Pretty much every Tuesday I go through my local library and grab books like a hoarder, hoping I find some gems.  There are always a few disappointments and a few mediocre finds.  There also books that are just as wonderful as I had hoped.  Then there are the surprises, the unassuming books that I didn't have any hopes for one way or another.  I love when one of those turns out to be a treasure.

That's how I feel about Dot by Patricia Intriago.  Created by a print designer, with simple graphics and few words, it is unexpectedly funny and engaging.  Both boys can't get enough of it this week.  Matthew, my six-year-old, loves that he can read something funny on his own, and loves reading it to Nolan.  Nolan wants anyone to read it to him over and over.  Another bonus:  it's a fast read...perfect for those before-bed "agains".


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