Monday, March 19, 2012

The Giver

So much for being a purist.  I couldn't wait for Catching Fire.  I started another book today.  Lois Lowry's The Giver .  It often comes up in comparison to The Hunger Games, so I justified that at least my selection was somewhat related.  Three friends highly recommended it; one swore I'd hate it.  It does leave me with a sense of foreboding, but so far it's very compelling.  I can't put it down.  (Though, of course, I had to, since little boys come before books.)  

I'll keep you posted on my verdict.  I haven't read any of Lowry's novels yet, but her picture book Crow Call is one of my favorites.  I love her slow, methodical storytelling.  It draws me in.


  1. This is your first lowry?!?!! This is hands down my favorite book. No, wait, I can't say that. I just can't. But, it's definitely one I could read over and over and over. Next, in this kind of trilogy is Gathering Blue. After that, is The Messenger, which I can never, never find.

    1. I know, crazy right? I completely loved it. I just finished it late, late last night. I'm glad you commented! I need someone's opinion on the rest of the trilogy. So many people hate Gathering Blue. Am I going to hate it or like it? Is it worth it to read it because the third book will tie in Jonas, right? I'm inclined to read them all, but I don't want to tarnish the idea of the Giver if I don't like the other two books. Danielle gave me all of them, so I have them in my possession...


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