Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Angry Birds Space Day!

March 22nd is a big day around here.  Big.  It's been marked on the calendar and counted down.  Maybe it's been like that at your house too?  I know my son's teacher said that all the kids were so excited they should have put it on their school calendar.   Today is the launch of Angry Birds Space.   I don't know if I've ever seen Matthew jump out of bed with such enthusiasm and motivation.

In honor of the big day, we read three space-related books over lunch.  I thought, for all the other Angry-Birders out there, I'd share them:

Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice by Judy Schachner.

For good times, you just can't go astray with Skippyjon Jones.  We love this one like we love every Skippyjon book.  I personally love the little green Skippyjon-look-alike alien.  Matthew loves to do the little alien's voice.  And voices are half the glory of a read-aloud, especially when kids do the voice.  The best.  If you are going to buy your own copies of any Skippyjon books, I highly recommend getting the version that comes with the audio CD.  Nobody reads (and sings) Skippyjon like Judy Schachner.

I just picked this one up at the library this week.  Filled with amazing artwork that I would love to frame and hang in the boys' room.  Some of the poetry is a bit forced; some of it is great.  It contains a lot of information packaged in poetic format.  As someone who has always loved to produce poetry as a creative outlet, I love opportunities to expose my kids to poetry on their level.  To be honest, the art in this book is so gorgeous that I would love it no matter what words were printed across the page.

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.

I don't think Jeffers is capable of producing something that I don't like.  The Way Back Home is the tale of the unlikely friendship between a boy and a martian.  Funny, sweet and full of imagination.  I'm going to have to devote a whole post to my love-affair with Oliver Jeffers later this week, because singing the glories of one of his books just isn't enough.

And as a bonus,  have any of you seen this ?  National Geographic Angry Birds Space: A Furious Flight Into the Final Frontier ?  The mass marketing of the Angry Birds empire is astounding sometimes.  Happy March 22nd!


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