Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hugo, the Birth of Film, and the Technology that fits in my Hand

Every night, after my three-year-old is sound asleep, my Kindergartener and I steal some precious reading moments together.  We are currently working our way through The Invention of Hugo Cabret , set in Paris, France 1931.  You can read a bit more about it here.

Last night we had a mind blowing experience while reading on my bed.  While observing the city of Paris from a clock tower with his friend Isabelle, the main character Hugo mentioned a movie he had once seen with his father.  He described a scene with Paris frozen in time.  An avid freeze-tagger himself, my son was particularly intrigued by the thought of this movie.

"Is it a real movie or made up?"

"I think it's real," I told him.  I grabbed my iPhone, hopped on YouTube and in a few seconds flat magic happened.  In the dark of the room in 2012, we were instantaneously watching Paris Asleep (Paris qui dort), a silent film from 1925.  The screen flickered; the reel whirred in the background.  We watched the whole thing with ridiculous smiling faces.

We continued reading, feeling like we had climbed through the pages and entered Hugo's world.

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