Friday, March 30, 2012

My thoughts after Mockingjay

Last night I read the last words of Mockingjay .  *sigh*

{Don't read below if you haven't read the books yet.  I'll try to be vague, but I'd hate to ruin anything for anyone.}

What a long and harrowing journey.  There was so much darkness, so much brokenness, I couldn't see a way out of it within the story.  The destruction left no room for resolution.  It invaded my sleep -- Snow and roses, the shell that was Peeta, mutts, fear, loss, chaos, evil and death.   My mind was so bothered by what I was reading.  I haven't felt that emotionally tense and drained in a long time.

But just when I thought Panem, Katniss and Peeta couldn't rise above the hopelessness, they did.  When I thought there was no room for a fresh shoot to spring up from the ground, it did.  Somehow Collins managed to believably convey the depth of the despair and personal damage, while also weaving for us a fragile tapestry of hope.  I wasn't sure if beauty could rise from those specific ashes.  But rise it did, tentative, fragile but alive.  Even after fire, life is persistant.  Even if it takes fifteen years.  Green still springs from ash; the sun still paints the sky with its soft orange glow.

Even though I would not have wished such a path of horror upon them, given the events that transpired, the ending was nearly perfection.  I've read the last chapter and the epilogue five times, just to make up for all of the ick that came before it.  To relish the good.  Props to Suzanne Collins for being able to wrap up an amazing trilogy with such a beautiful last paragraph, and a perfect last sentence that left me impossibly satisfied and happy.



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    1. Thanks for getting me started by sacrificially letting me borrow the first one, Christy!

  2. Oh my word, no problem! Some books are so amazing you have to sacrifice to share them...I'll just be cross-eyed for life now from reading from my iPhone, no biggie! Hahah!

    1. Haha! I'll be sure to be appropriately grateful whenever I see your crossed eyes!


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