Friday, March 23, 2012


Sometimes I have to realize that not every book we read needs to be Caldecott and Newberry Medal material.  Though it does pain me.  =)

Sometimes I don't love the illustrations and the words don't make me smile at their brilliance.  Sometimes boys just like bad guys and superheroes that save the day.  Sometimes, like tonight, I have to remind myself that the three of us are snuggled on my bed reading together -- and that is the point.  Sometimes I have to turn off my book-loving brain, pull out my best Spidey sound effects and root for the good guys.


  1. Oh, I'm with you on this one. Sometimes the books the kids get make me cringe! Although it is much nicer when we can all enjoy a book, sometimes a mom just has deal with it. :)

    1. =) Exactly!
      p.s. Thanks for stopping by!


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