Friday, May 11, 2012

Divergent: Read it!

After I finished The Hunger Games trilogy, I had that familiar panic that I would never read a worthy book again.  I have this same fear every time I finish a wonderful book.  Last year I felt like that after The Reading Promise ; then after The Book Thief ; and again after The Help .  There are always wonderful stories to discover.  New people to fall in love with.  Thankfully they are not a dime a dozen, or they wouldn't be as special.

As I mentioned before, I traveled down the dystopian road after The Hunger Games .  And, honestly, I've thoroughly enjoyed most of the novels I've devoured in the past two months.  But only one captivated me.  Only one consumed my thoughts.  Only one caused me to route for a future movie and fantasize about who would play whom.  Only one had me counting down the days for the sequel release.

Divergent by Veronica Roth made me want to put the book in each of my friends hands and beg them to read it so we could have the same friends to discuss on our play dates.  It took me a few chapters to fully engage with the characters and fully buy into their world.  Set in post-apocolypic Chicago, Divergent takes place in a world divided into five factions: Dauntless, Abegnation, Eurdite, Amity and Candor.  At sixteen, you must choose for yourself who you are.  Faction over blood.  Though it took a few chapters to get rolling, when Tris (the main character) made her choice and jumped, I jumped too - 100% into Veronica Roth's Chicago. The character development is wonderful nuanced.  The plot deals with fear and what makes people tick, so it's easy to form a connection with them.  It's fast paced, but slow enough to enjoy each moment.  It's a thrill ride tempered with tenderness and a sense of purpose.

The second book in the series, Insurgent , has been in stores since May 1st.  In a week, both books have become #1 New York Times bestsellers.  I've been so overloaded with illustration projects that I absolutely could not allow myself to get my hands on Insurgent.   I don't have enough willpower to refrain from reading.  I just had to stay-away-from-the-bookstore.  Next week, if all goes well, Insurgent will be a nice present to myself.

If you haven't read it yet, pick up Divergent  this week as a virtual gift from me to you.  And if you get a little book-crazy like me and want to extend your fun, check out Veronica's blog {here}; Veronica on Facebook {here}; or Divergent on Facebook {here}.  Enjoy!

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