Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nolan's Pick of the Week: The Color Box

Nolan, my three-year-old, loves to pick out his own books at the library.  I am always surprised by what he grabs.  I shouldn't be -- it usually involves a monkey.  His latest pick is The Color Box by Dayle Ann Dodds.  No offense meant by this, but I would never have picked it up in a million years.  By now I should have learned to trust his instincts.  I have read this book over and over and over for the past two weeks.  The boys both love it, but it's especially geared for ages 2-4.  The text is full of rhyme and repetition. The artwork is cut paper collage by Giles Laroche.  A color concept book, each page focuses on a new color and features a cut-out that leads to the next page.  Nolan loves peek holes in books; they are endlessly fascinating to him.  A monkey, bold use of color, rhyme, repetition and cut-outs -- what more could a little boy want?  

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