Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nolan's Pick of the Week: Press Here

I've been holding out on you.  I realized this week that I've been completely remiss in passing along one our new favorites.

We first discovered Press Here while on a little family field trip to our local Barnes and Noble.  The library is usually our go-to hang out, but recently I've rediscovered why I've always had a love affair with bookstores.  Barnes and Noble has a train table in the kids' section, as well as a round table to gather together and read new books.  We've started going once a month to scout out what's new in the world of books.

Press Here is one of those books that makes you instantaneously declare the pure genius of author/illustrator, Herve Tullet.  It all begins with a simple yellow dot and the instructions: press here.  The next page reveals a second yellow dot and more instructions.  Relying on child interaction, eventually the book fills with multi-colored dots.  Along the way you get to tilt the book to each side, shake it up, clap and blow on it to affect the dots.  Our first time through was priceless.  Matthew, my six-year-old, giggled hysterically.  Nolan, my three-year-old, was in shock at the magic book.  We read it three times in a row before I pried it from their fingers to put it back on the shelf.

During our next trip to the bookstore, Nolan said, "Where my fav'rite one?"

"Your favorite what?"

"My fav'rite one.  Wif' the yellow button."

"Oh!" I exclaimed, realizing which book he meant.  I pulled it from the shelves and handed it to him.  He hugged it to his chest, looked at me with those eyes, and said the magic words, "I bring to my house?"

I'm a sucker for a three-year-old book lover, so we are now proud owners of Press Here, a slightly overpriced, but genius, modern classic.  It's one of the few books of which Nolan never tires.  Icing on the cake, Matthew loves to read it to his little brother.

I love to give books as birthday presents; Press Here would make a great gift book for ages 1-4.


  1. Ok, now I have to check it out and see if Aliyah will love it...sounds so fun!!

    1. It IS so fun! I'm sure the novelty wears off after awhile, but so far Nolan still loves it. Now he likes to try to trick the book, and tap 10 times instead of 2, etc. I always pretend the page won't turn if he doesn't follow the instructions -- and he thinks it's so funny.


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