Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day THREE: 31 DAYS: Why I {heart} Oliver Jeffers and you should, too

DAY 3: 7 Reasons I {heart} Oliver Jeffers and you should, too. 
Every once and awhile I run across someone whose sheer brilliance astounds me.  That's how I feel about Oliver Jeffers.  I'm torn between wanting to be him and wanting to marry him.   Without further ado, here are 7 Reasons I {heart} Oliver Jeffers and you should, too:

Reason #1:  Exhibit A
Exhibit A
Alternately titled, "The-one-that-made-me-fall-in-love".
It all started innocently enough.  One day I was browsing my library when The Great Paper Caper found its way into my bag.  I went home unaware that the axis of the earth was about to shift.   When I cracked the cover, I immediately wished I had invented that shrinking machine I've always dreamed of.  I mean, seriously, click on the image and zoom in.  Who wouldn't want to open those happy little tree doors and climb down into one of those awesome hovels for the day?  This illustration is what children's books should be made of.  I flipped the cover back, searching for the name, wondering, "Who is this guy and where, oh where, has he been all my life?"                               

 Reason #2:  Stick Legs are All the Rage

Ode to the Coolest Legs in the Business
If Exhibit A wasn't already enough, there's the legs.   Three cheers for the quirky brilliance that is the peg leg.

Reason #3:  Paranormal activity is Normal.

Jeffers crafts childhood dreams into reality.  With a wink and a smile, he requires the reader to  suspend disbelief.  He allows us to believe that it's just another day-in-life when Boy randomly find airplanes and rowboats in his closet and uses them to travel to the around the world and beyond.  When it's time to find The Way Back Home --no big deal-- a little shimmy down a rope will do the trick.  Missing your alien friend?  Never fear, he's only a walkie-talkie away from here.  Oliver calls this fabulous quality a "Breech in Logic".  I say, Bring on the breeches!

Reason #4:  Is it Absurdly Ridiculous or Ridiculously Absurd? 

Oh, right, it's both.  Who else could create a character named Floyd who throws a litany of increasing large and ridiculous objects into a tree in a nonchalant attempt to retrieve his stuck kite down?  Do yourself a favor, get your hands on Stuck.  No greater children's book absurdity has ever been produced.  

Reason #5: The Perfect Equation

Jeffers books are equal parts quirky, clever, hilarious and sweet. 

Reason #6:  He paints on books and writes about a boy who eats them.

I finally added The Incredible Book-Eating Boy to my personal collection this month.  It's so good I want to eat it.  Though the cover does warn against it.

Reason #7:  The handwriting, oh the handwriting.

Bonus Reason (as if you need one): He's Irish, with an accent and a mustache.

Here's a link to him discussing being a children's book maker {Click here to see the mustache}.

I'd like to recommend a favorite, but I can't pick just one.  All the "Boy" books are nice when read as a set.  How to Catch a Star came first, followed by The Way Back HomeLost and Found, and Up and Down.  All the others are stand-alones.  I like to start with the Boy books because they were his firsts and it makes sense to me to start there.  Stuck is far too hilarious not to own.  The Incredible Book Eating Boy is a must-own for any book-loving family.  Heads up: The Heart in the Bottle is a bit of a surprise from Jeffers; it's a book about dealing with grief.  I have yet to get my hands on The Moose Belongs to Me - but it's on my next to buy list.

Click {here} to read about The Crush that Changed my Career.  Also here's Oliver Jeffer's library of fabulousness, should you feel inclined to explore:


  1. These look like great books! I added Stuck and How to Catch a Star to my 3 year old daugther's wishlist. They will be great Christmas presents from family members.

    1. They are so good! I hope your daughter falls in love with Oliver Jeffers too. =)

  2. Oh my gosh, those illustrations are adorable.

  3. Hey!
    I wish I had a little one to buy books for because these look so cute!

    1. I just pretend there are for my kids. They're a good front. I really buy them for myself. You could too. =)


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