Monday, October 1, 2012

Day ONE: 31 Days of Children's Book Crushes

Day 1:   An Introduction
Day 17: Allen Say, my serious crush
Day 18: Nolan's Crush
Day 19: My Typographic Crush
Day 20: The Collage Art of Carin Berger
Day 21: Because that's what a crush is all about
Day 22: So You Want to Be President?
Day 23: For the love of a measurer (because my dad used to count ceiling tiles...)
Day24: Because my husband thinks they're cute
Day 25: David Small - the story behind the art, and the art of redemption
Day 26:  In case your curiosity was piqued...
Day 27:  More, because I can't help it...(and a little bit about where I came from)
Day 28:  My crush on Alice Ozma, her awesome dad, and reading with my boys...
Day 29:  Apparently I have a thing for graph paper...
Day 30:  Groovin with Pete the Cat

Day ONE:  An Introduction

Last year I wrote 31 Days to Inspire a Child.  This year I'm still talking about kids, but in a completely different way.

I've been a children's book artist for the last six years and a book lover my whole life.  I'm writing this series hoping I'm not the only one who's fallen madly in love with an author, an illustrator or a book.  For 31 days I'm going to share my biggest children's book crushes of all time.  Please join in and share yours too.  Book recommendations are my favorite gifts!

You may be wondering what qualifies something as a crush in my book.  My criteria are not very formulaic - thus the word crush.  Crushes are so emotional and spontaneous.  For me it goes something like this:

1.  First, I crack the cover of a book and, soon after, clasp it to my chest and declare my undying love.
2.  Next, I declare the sheer brilliance of the the book's creator.
3.  Lastly, I am overcome with jealousy (the nice kind) and wish my name was on the cover.


There you have it -- a behind the scenes peek into my very non-scientific brain.  For the next 31 days, I'll show you all the children's book authors, artists and books that have won my undying devotion or have me swooning, green with envy and smiling with delight.

Tomorrow I'm going to kick off the series with my 31 FAVORITE BOOKS FOR FALL.  Wednesday I'll reveal my CFC (Current Favorite Crush) -- one of the most underrated author/illustrators out there.  Are you on the edge of your seat in anticipation?

Every year I look forward to reading the 31 DAYS series and the array of subjects emblazoned on each participant's hearts.  Don't miss out on all the wonderfulness.  Check out the whole list of participants of {HERE}.  A big thank you to the Nester for starting the craziness in the first place!


  1. I am with you - love children's books! Can't wait to follow along!!

  2. What an awesome topic!!! We are homeschooling- this will be perfect for us!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cary! I hope you'll enjoy the series! How old are you kids? Any special requests?

  3. Stopping by from Nester and the 31 Days event. Looking forward to crushing with you!

    1. Haha! Thanks for joining in on the crush fest!

  4. My biggest kid-book crush is probably The Phantom Tollbooth. I've read it at least 30 times.

    1. Do you know I've never read it??? I've been curious to check it out - especially to read with my first grader. Now you've made me even more curious. 30 times is true love. =) How old were you when you read it the first time?

  5. Oh how I adore your blog!!! Just glancing through your recent 31 day posts has me giddy with excitement. So many new books for us to explore!!

    1. Thank you, Cindy!!! That means a lot. I get ridiculously giddy about books all the time -- I love that feeling!

  6. Hey there! Couldn't find a way to contact you, so just wanted to let you know here that I featured your series on Babble. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Tsh! Thank you so much for featuring my 31 Days! I'm honored and excited.

      (Perhaps I should figure out how to add an email contact to my blog, huh? Live and learn). =)


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