Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 18: Nolan's Crush

Today I thought I'd share my three-year-old's favorite crush.   I think he's got great taste.

Nolan has a few names for this book:

My fav'rite one.

The one wif the button.

The one with the yellow thing.

Press Here is a modern classic.

It all begins with a simple yellow dot and the instructions: PRESS HERE.  The next page reveals a second yellow dot and more instructions.  Relying on child interaction, eventually the book fills with multi-colored dots.  Along the way you get to tilt the book to each side, shake it up, clap and blow on it to affect the dots.  Our first time through was priceless.  Matthew, my six-year-old, giggled hysterically.  Nolan, my three-year-old, was in shock at the magic book.

I love to give books as birthday presents; Press Here belongs on every young child's bookshelf.

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