Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 19: my typographic crush

We fell in love with Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types when we were on an ABC kick earlier this year.  Most ABC books bore me, but this one is gorgeous, fun, clever and and so creative.  If you have a preschooler, it's the perfect book to practice letter recognition.  Bonus: it's printed on drool-worthy thick matte paper stock.  (Assuming that I'm not the only nut that drools over beautiful paper quality.)  

Zoom in and enjoy, then go to your local library or bookstore and enjoy some more:

 Like Press Here, Alphabeasties makes a great first birthday or baby shower gift.  I also think it would make fabulous wall art.  I'm considering framing some of the flashcards to hang by Nolan's bed.


Click {here} to read about my crush on the collage art of Carin Berger.  Or click {here} to read the series from the beginning.


  1. This book looks like fun! Thanks for introducing us to a new alphabet book.

    1. HIgh compliment from 31 Days of ABC Books! =) I compiled an ABC booklist earlier in the year and it was a surprising amount of fun. I was surprised at how many fun ones are out there if you really search. And you've found a lot of totally different ones too. I love that there are endless great books to discover. Have you ever read Matthew ABC by Peter Calatano? VERY funny. My son's name is Matthew, so we are admittedly a bit biased.


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