Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: For the love of a measurer

Lately I've been enthralled with short, sparse storytelling.  But despite my latest trend in brevity, Magnus Maximus, and his long and wordy story, won me over immediately.  Everything about this story makes me smile.  S. D. Schindler's illustrations, with old school measuring devices galore, are magnificent -- detailed, funny and nostalgic.  And Kathleen Pelley knows how to write.   This one is a joy to read.  And even though it's long, we read it three times in a row at the dinner table last night.  Even I felt like yelling "again!" along with my boys.

Magnus Maximus measures everything.  And not just the usual things.  He measures even extraordinary things.  People marveled at his skill.  My kids giggled at his quirk.  In all his focus on sizing things up, he was missing out of the non-quantitative side of life.  Until one day, broken glasses forced him to experience life differently.

I love this line from the book jacket blurb: 
"Kathleen T. Pelley’s marvelous tale and S. D. Schindler's inspired illustrations remind us that the best things in life are not meant to be measured, but treasured."

But, as the daughter of a man who used to count the holes in ceiling tiles and the mother of two math-loving kiddos, I must say -- the measuring is sure a lot of fun.  

Here's a trailer:

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