Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: More, because I can't help it... (and a little bit about where I came from).

I apologize, but I still have David Small on the brain.  At least you know my crush is for real.  

I feel the need to mention one specific thing that made me fall in love with his children's book art.  But, first, a little bit about me.  I began my career as an architectural designer.  After ten years I began to dabble in architectural illustration so that I could work from home.  Eventually I stumbled very happily into the world of children's book illustration.  I consider myself very blessed to have worked in the creative industry all my life.  

From David Small's sketchbook...

Enter why I first fell in love with the work of David Small:
His loose pen and his affinity for architecture.  

In him I see a way that I could bridge all my worlds.  So far in my children's book career I haven't been able to merge my architectural background and the wonderful sketchyness that used to characterize my work with children's books.  But I plan to get there.   

The quality of David Small's linework makes my insides rejoice.  Call me weird, but there it is.


One of my architectural sketches....

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from the beginning.

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