Monday, October 8, 2012

Day EIGHT: 31 DAYS: Will Someone Please Give This Man a Theodore Geisel Award?

Consider this a public service announcement.  If you have not yet been exposed to Elephant & Piggie, I need to introduce you.

Reader, please meet Elephant and Piggie, characters extraordinaire.

Elephant and Piggie, please meet these readers who don't yet know of your awesomeness.

I know many of you are probably already fans of this hilarious duo.  But for those who haven't made their acquaintance, you can thank me later.  I only found out about them this year, thanks to another blogger who was kind enough to share.  Many thanks to Emily at Jones Design Company for introducing my boys to their very favorite literary characters.  Click {here} to see the post that introduced us to our true loves back in March.

No offense to his brilliance, but pre-Elephant-and-Piggie, I hadn't been a Mo Willems fan.  *Gasp*  For whatever reason, Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny never struck a chord with me.  I'm so glad that I gave Elephant & Piggie a chance anyway.

They are just so funny.  And they never get old.

After reading a pile of them one night, I declared rather loudly, "Why haven't they given him the Theodore Geisel Award for these?!"  (Am I a nerd or what???  Purely rhetorical, please).  The next day I saw that they indeed already had.  *Sigh*  All is right with the world of books.

If you like to see your kids giggle their heads off, raid your library's Mo Willems section and take a pile home with you.  Warning:  you will want to own them.  And so will your kids.  Every single one of them.

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  1. We LOVE Gerald & Piggie! My daughter takes on the role of Piggie when we read them together. She's memorized most of them and I often hear her "reading" to herself before bed. And we often repeat whole sections of "I Am Going", especially "Today is a good day...Just like yesterday."

    1. "Today is a good day...just like yesterday." Aw, I LOVE that you say that to each other.

      One of the best things about them is how kids LOVE to be them. My first grader also loves reading them to his little brother, with much emotion and enthusiasm. It's priceless. Also awesome is when he and his best friend (a girl) each take on a role and read them out loud together.

    2. Yes, the emotion and enthusiasm you learn from Gerald & Piggie and how it allows the reader (parent or child) to be an actor -- so great!

  2. It's funny. We are a HUGE reading household (in fact, my husband and I met when we both worked at the library), but I had never heard of these books until another blog recommended them. We checked our first one out last week. :-)

  3. Mo is a true talent. Some people just have "it"


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