Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day ELEVEN: My newest (as in, it happened today) author crush!

(Alternate title: You-are-a-comedic-genius-and-I-love-you, Mac Barnett!)

Today I'm going to share my newest crush.  It's really, really new - like eight hours ago new.  Like I'm in the dreamy he's-the-best-author-ever stage of our relationship new.

Remember when I declared Extra Yarn The-Best-Children's-Book-Ever-Made?  Today, at the library, that got me thinking, "I wonder if Mac Barnett has written anything else?"

I wandered over to the Bs and fell in love.

Oh my goodness.  The hilarity.

My secret dream in life is to write something that's this kind of hilarious.  Too bad I'm not that funny.  I'm a really good audience for funny people though -- because I love to laugh.  In middle school I may have been chastised a time or two for events involving cavorting laughter, chocolate milk and my nose.

If you love to laugh and appreciate smart, well-crafted humor -- you absolutely must get your hands on these Mac Barnett comedic masterpieces:

Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem
The premise of this one is fabulously absurd.  Billy's parents threaten him with a pet blue whale as a disciplinary consequence.  Billy feels very confident that they are bluffing, until one day he sees a big eye staring at him through the kitchen window.

Chloe and the Lion
This book is a unique, unexpected ride.  The author and illustrator become an active part of this hilariously interactive story.  When author and illustrator start fighting and not appreciating each other's role, everything goes haywire.  In addition to the laughter, it's a great way to start a discussion with your child about all the people who make a book what it is.  (Bonus tidbit: once you've finished the story, don't forget to read the bios on the jacket flap - they are as funny as the book itself.)

Mustache! is a nearly perfect book about a very vain king and his very frustrated, spunky subjects.  Perfectly hilarious blend of word and image.  I could read this one again and again and again.  And my kids wouldn't even have to be in the room.

And don't miss out on Mac's other book -- Extra Yarn.  I still think it's picture book perfection.

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