Friday, October 5, 2012

Day FIVE: 31 DAYS: The Most Perfect Picture Book Ever Made

A few months ago I think I found the most perfect picture book ever made.  Extra Yarn .  Mac Barnett crafted absolute storytelling perfection. And Jon Klassen's art is pure bliss -- gorgeous in its own right, and even more beautiful as a conceptual representation of the story.

Mac Barnett tells the story of sweet Annabelle, a little girl who lived in a drab, cold world.  Until one day things change when she finds a box of colorful yarn.  Annabelle goes a knitting frenzy, coloring her world in happy warmth.  No matter how many sweaters and hats she gives away, she still has extra yarn.  

As her little town receives a face-lift of color, texture and love, news of Annabelle's special gift travels far and brings attention good and bad.  One day, a greedy archduke shows up with evil intentions.  Because Annabelle and her yarn are not for sale, the archduke resorts to thievery.  Because I don't like to spoil endings, you'll have to read the book to discover this one.

I don't know if it's for everyone, but I am utterly in love with this book.  My husband said it wasn't his thing.  I plugged my ears and pretended I didn't hear what he was saying.  My recommendation: if you only buy one book this year, it should be Extra Yarn .  With something Oliver Jeffers as a close second.  I predict awards for this one; it certainly deserves them.

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  1. So Jon Klassen: am I the only one that doesn't really see why? I am almost scared to post this comment :)

    1. No worries - no drama here. Everyone is entitled to have their own book crushes. =)
      For me it's the simplicity. He makes it look effortless - which is an amazing gift. The illustrations for Extra Yarn were conceptual perfection.

      Now just don't start smack-talking Oliver Jeffers or we may have to fight. ;-)


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