Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day FOURTEEN: My favorite book-loving enablers!

These two book-related products enable the book fanatics in this household -- and for that I have fallen in love.

The 31 Large Utility Tote
Oh the love I feel for this hard-working fellow.  Pre-tote, I was the crazy-library-balancing-act girl.  Much like a circus act, I garnered a lot of attention from curious on-lookers and befuddled librarians.

A lot like this girl but imagine the pile a little bit higher...


     "Are you taking a class?"

     "You must be a teacher!"

     "Wow - that's a lot of books!"

     "Um, can you make it to your car?"

Geez.  Can't a girl just like books?

I bought the 31 bag because a friend was starting her business and because our household was severely bag-deficient.  I thought it might be good for the beach.  It totally was awesome for the beach.  But it's so much more life-changing at the library.

This week I tested its limits, loading it with two piles to the brim.  (Why bring home one or two when you can bring home 50?)   Practically dragging my bag through the parking lot with one hand, while I pulled my three-year-old along with my other, I stopped traffic.  Well, one truck.

The lady rolled down her window.  "Hey -- where'd you get that bag?  I need one of those!"

I smiled and gave her the low down.  Though I may have been secretly proud of my mad book-balancing skillz, someone admiring my bag rather than ogling me as the library-pile-freak seems like a huge upgrade.  You may be wondering whether one can use the term mad skillz in the same paragraph as the word library.  Yes, yes you can.

The Ikea Jansjo Clamp-on Lamp

I like to build reading up in our house.  I often tell my son Matthew tales of reading late into the night, sneaking extra chapters under my covers.  He's been dreaming of the coming-of-age moment when he could sneak in his own late-night reading.   This month, my young-reader officially arrived.

On my we-just-moved-and-need-lots-of-great-stuff-on-the-cheap trip to Ikea last week, I grabbed this light for him on a whim.  It clamps onto his bedside dresser perfectly.  And, bonus, it's bendy.

It's like I bestowed him with Arthur's sword.  Nothing can make you fall in love with an LED light like hearing your kid declare, "Now I feel like the boy who wants to learn about everything!"  (FYI:  a little Sid the Science Kid reference for you).

*I wasn't perked for confessing my love for these products.
I just couldn't help myself.

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  1. I never thought about using a tote like that for books. I've seen them being used at the farmer's market (and had tote envy then!). I like the idea of a lamp. My daughter is 3 and she loves to look at books before she goes to sleep.

  2. The flat bottom makes it the perfect library bag! So much less awkward than a regular bag. And regular bags were always too small for my loot -- which is why I never used them. This turned out to be the perfect find. (It happened to be the special of the month when I got it -- it was only $10 if added onto an order!). My own three year old is now jealous of his brother's light and wants one of his own! Isn't it great to have kids that love to read though?

  3. I love my 31 totes too! I have the square utility one, and the pocket one (don't remember its name - but the one you get for free if someone books a party off your party). :)

    I'm lusting after the large utility tote though... I'm definitely getting one at the next party I get invited to!


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