Saturday, November 24, 2012

Liar & Spy: A Follow-up

I finished Liar & Spy last week and can now announce my official crush.  How does anyone write back-to-back books that good?  If you haven't read When You Reach Me or Liar & Spy, please do yourself a favor and add them to your must-read list.  In either order.

What I love about Rebecca Stead's writing is her ability to think in beautiful metaphor and interweave complicated metaphor throughout the story with ease.  I love stories with intricate personal stories of redemption, tied to together so innocently with laugh-out-loud humor.  Stead also understands how to propel a story, taking the reader on a curiosity ride to the very last page.  When I finished both books, I had the immediate urge to flip to the first page and reread.  After the last page, she gives you new eyes for the story as a whole.  That's talent.

I'm not going to give you a brief synopsis or a limited recap.  Go into this one totally blind.  I think books are best that way.  I even try to avoid reading the back cover blurb and jacket flap.  When reading A Bridge to Teribithia, this tactic led to much unexpected sobbing.  But, still, I stand by my methods.

All I can say is Bravo to Rebecca Stead.  She reminds me of all that I love about the art of story crafting.


  1. Are you going to post a Christmas book list? :) Please, please!

    1. LOL. Since you asked so nicely... okay. =)

      I had started one but still needed to gather some more good recommendations. Then came book deadlines and Thanksgiving and my youngest's birthday. Lucky for you, I read your comment while I was at the library this morning. You motivated me to grab about 30 more Christmas books before I left for the day! I found a bunch that I love. We'll see what I can whip up this week!


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