Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rebecca Stead: Liar & Spy

Last week I saw Rebecca Stead's new book, Liar & Spy , on a bookstore shelf and wanted to buy it so badly.  But I was good and forced myself to walk away.

Fast forward one day.  New scene: the library.  (I'm not kidding: we are library/bookstore junkies).  I had already checked out about 40 new picture books and two enormous puppets when I wandered past a Young Adult display.  Guess what I spotted?

Yep.  Liar & Spy .

I resisted the urge to scream my excitement, wondered why no one had checked it out yet, and then did my customary backward glance for library secret service as I scooped it up.  

Earlier this year I read When You Reach Me .  It won the Newberry.  It was awesome.  I'll write a blog post about it sometime in the near future.  Point being - Rebecca writes the exact kind of book that I love to read.  The kind where each sentence is a masterpiece of quirk, wit and humanity.  She makes it all look so easy.  I couldn't wait to read something new from her.

I read about half of it today and I'm in love with just about every other sentence.  I must look like an idiot reading it.  With a big, goofy, and thoroughly amused grin.

At this point, I believe I'm enjoying it even more than I enjoyed When You Reach Me.  But that's probably not entirely accurate.  It's more the fact that I'm very much a love-the-one-you're-with kind of girl when it comes to books.  And most other things too.

I'll keep you posted as I finish it.  So far it is another proof that children's literature is where it's at.

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