Thursday, December 13, 2012

Because I am one...

The Insomniacs drew me to it from a mile away.  Partly due to my constant state of sleep deprivation, and partly due to the gorgeousness of the cover art.  They say not to judge a book by its cover, but I so do.

I brought it home to Matthew, my seven-year-old old, and said, "I got a book for us!"

He examined the cover.  "What's an insomniac?"

"Someone who can't sleep," I said.

His face lit up as he declared with arms extended, "I'm an insomniac!"

Yep, welcome to the club, my buddy.  It's the double-edged sword of creativity, and I know it well.

The book opens with this line:  The Insomniacs weren't always a nighttime family.  A pretty brilliant opener.  Here's the scoop: this little family of three moves across the globe for the mother's scientific job.  No matter what tricks they try, the poor family just can't adjust to their new timezone.  Eventually, after much exhaustion, they decide to embrace the nighttime and all it has to offer.  I really enjoyed all of the animal nightlife that was highlighted.  And the artwork.  Oh my.  I'm totally in love with the art.

Take a look, and take note of the Brothers Hilts, of whom I'm sure we shall see much more:

This laboratory one is one of my favorites.  I love the glow of the colored glass and the silhouette effect.  The Brothers Hilts has met all my official crush requirements, especially #3: friendly jealousy.

Long live insomniacs and all the beautiful wonder they create while everyone else is dreaming.


  1. This book looks amazing.
    You're pretty much my hero. :)


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