Monday, December 17, 2012

Captial A Awesome

Alphabet books are a dime a dozen, but A is for Musk Ox is anything but commonplace.  Musk Ox hijacks this run-of-the-mill abc book, intent on spicing things up.  I was standing in the bookstore, looking like an idiot, laughing out loud reading this last week.  

The book opens with Zebra quite ticked off.  Musk Ox has eaten right through his apple -- and right through his perfectly wonderful abc book.  Musk Ox insists that he has done Zebra a great favor, saving him --and the world-- from the inevitable boredom that any "a is for apple" book would evoke.  He continues to upend every letter into Musk Oxen awesomeness.  

A is for Absurd.  My highest compliment.

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