Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Booklist Coming Soon...

Due to popular demand (Thanks, Rebekah!), my Christmas booklist will be posted by Monday.

Anyone purchasing any books for gifts this year?  Which ones?   I'd love to hear!

We just started a new birthday tradition for (4-year-old!) Nolan's birthday this week.  Of all the places he could go for his birthday, he chose...

wait for it...

...the bookstore.  Or as he's fond of calling it: Storebooks.  The first time he said it, it took me a few minutes to figure out that he wasn't asking to go out for coffee.

So we decided he could pick out any book he wanted as a birthday gift.  Then he picked a really expense one and we belatedly added a price limit.  Haha -- real life is funny.   I liked the book idea so much, I decided it should be our new birthday tradition.


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    1. Just realized that I spelled your name incorrectly! As an "ey" Shelley who always gets her name spelled wrong, I apologize! =)


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