Monday, December 17, 2012

Kickin' it old school with Jef Czekaj

This recommendation goes out to all those nerds, like my husband and me, who amuse each other by dropping tongue-and-cheek hip phrases like mad skillz, word and old school.

Jef Czekaj is my boyz' favorite book creator right now.

Our first introduction was Yes, Yes, Yaul!  As in, (sing with me):  "Yes, Yaul, to the beat, Yaul."   Yaul is a porcupine in a rut.  He says "no" to everything.  Until the day he meets Hip and Hop, a rapping Turtle and Hare duo who know how to raise the roof in Old School County.  They teach him that yes is much more fun.  In true Turtle and Hare fashion, Hop raps fast and Hip raps slooooooooooow.  My husband saved the day during our first reading, performing all the rap portions of the story.  Before long, though, the boys took over entirely.  They just can't get enough.  We keep renewing and renewing and renewing from the library.

We had to wait seemingly forever to check out the original Hip and Hop story, Hip and Hop Don't Stop, from the library.  Some other family probably fell madly in love like my boyz and kept renewing and renewing and renewing.  Not that I blame them.  Here's the video promo, because some books just can't be summarized with mere words...

If you're brave and enjoy acting a little bit ca-razy with your kiddos, snatch up a Hip and Hop tale, cast inhibition to the wind and throw down some dope beats.

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