Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars: my thoughts mid-read

So, I'm a little more than half-way through The Fault of Our Stars.  Here's what I'm thinking about, among a zillion other emotions:

We should not disdain the young geniuses among us, especially in our schools.  Not only are they our future leaders, innovators, musicians and artists -- they are the next great novelists.

My mind is currently lost in the genius that is John Green.


  1. We are second in line now at the library - is it a good read aloud with my 6th grader? It is better to each read it individually?

    So happy to hear we are both new birders! Yea! I agree with you on their unique habits - our children (and me) are reminded daily that God is awesome.


    1. Oops! Sorry not to reply sooner, Michele! The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful book. I would vote read aloud maybe. A heads up: I don't have a sixth grader yet, so it's hard to judge appropriateness...the teens do have sex once...a scene that would be easy to edit if you saw fit while reading aloud. It's a laughing while you're sobbing kind of book.


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