Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Booklist: 12 Picture Books that Celebrate Winter

I know we are all more than ready for Spring.  I don't know about you, but when I look out my front door, I still see lots of slushy white.  So, since we are technically still stuck in Winter, despite the longing of our hearts, I thought I'd slip in my Winter Booklist under the wire.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em translates to:  if there's still snow, we might as well embrace it.

It's more abbreviated than my typical list, but here are twelve books that kept us company this Winter:

Red Sled by Lita Judge
This (mostly) wordless story was our winter favorite.  

One Winter's Day by M. Christina Butler
A cute story about a generous hedgehog -- fuzzy touch and feel winter garments made this one fun.

by Kate Messner; illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal
I'm a sucker for section views and nature books. I love the way this book shows two winter worlds, one under the snow and one above.  

by Adam Rubin; illustrated by Daniel Salmieri
If you liked the other Squirrel books by Adam Rubin, you'll like this one too.  I'm a little in love with ingenious squirrels, so I can't help but laugh at their antics.

The Mitten  by Jan Brett
A classic winter book that we read for the first time last year.  Now it's a favorite.

The Hat  by Jan Brett
A funny follow-up to The Mitten.  We didn't like it quite as much, but we still enjoyed it.

by Mark Cassino
We read this book countless times this season.  Non-fiction books are becoming quite the thing around here.

by Susan Blackaby; illustrated by Carmen Segovia
I included this in my Spring booklist last year, but it's absolutely perfect for this time of year...when it's still very much Winter but you're yearning for any sign of Spring.

Backyard Birds of Winter  by Carol Lerner
Again, non-fiction for the win.  My seven-year-old has poured over this book all Winter.  We put up pinecone feeders and a homemade box feeder, and all season, our new bird friends, and their dreaded squirrel nemesis, have entertained us.  The boys have barely asked to watch t.v.

by James and Joseph Bruchac; illustrated by Jeff Newman
Based on a Native American tale, my kids got a kick out of this stubborn, selfish rabbit and all the snow that came his way.

Waiting for Winter  by Sebastian Meschenmoser
I love the sketchy drawing style in this book.  Though the writing isn't as brilliant as the artwork, sometimes one out of two ain't bad, as they say.

A Perfect Day  by Carin Berger
Like I mentioned during my 31 Days of Children's Book Crushes, I'm a fan of Carin Berger.  Sparse on words, Berger's artwork is all you need.


  1. Have you tried Snowflake Bentley? My five year old loved it and had fun catching snowflakes on a piece of black flannel so she could study them with a magnifying glass.

    1. Yes! We just read it a couple weeks ago and LOVED it. It's amazing how most of the discoveries of our time come from obsession with something. I found that fascinating. Anyway, I can't believe I forgot to add Snowflake Bentley to my list! I have a feeling I forgot several of our other favorites too. My brain is fried right now for some reason. =)

      I love the idea of using the black flannel and magnifying glass. We will try that next time it snows! (Unless Spring officially comes first).


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