Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big Red Lollipop

I love finding a new great book.  At the rate we inhale books from the library, sometimes I secretly fear we've already discovered all the truly wonderful picture books.  My seven-year-old sometimes states that fear out loud.

But alas.  There will always be more.

Today we found one. It even choked me up at the end.  It was especially great because I had zero expectations.  I had never heard of it and had no high hopes.

In the pages, the words, the art, we found many things.  A story of adjusting to a new culture, of sibling rivalry, of unfairness and learned character.  Of sisterhood, love and sacrifice.  And illustrations that made me (the good kind) of jealous.

Next time you're out, grab Big Red Lollipop by Ruksana Khan, with noteworthy art by Sophie Blackall.

Whenever I find a new book to love, it's a double blessing.  With a new book love comes a new author and illustrator to love.  And more books to hunt down.  I'm definitely going to track down all of artist Sophie Blackall's work during this week's library trip.


What about you guys -- have you found any great new-to-you book loves lately?

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