Thursday, October 10, 2013

10: Before-It-Hits-the-Theater Thursday - The Fault in Our Stars

Back in December, when I first contemplated reading John Green's much-praised novel The Fault in Our Stars , I worried that the book couldn't live up to the hype.  Half way through I was mumbling about the genius of John Green, and the genius of great novelists in general.  When I finished, I didn't even write a formal review.  Sometimes, when I love a book too much, I'm incapable of condensing my feelings into words without sounding like an idiot.  

I love the world of fan art.  

It's a book about kids and cancer.  Inevitably it's going to be gut-wrenching.  But somehow it ends up being just as funny as it is tragic and as sweet as it is sarcastic.   While I laughed and as I sobbed, I fell in love.


With Hazel Grace, Augustus Waters, and John Green.  <--- (see what I mean about sounding like an idiot?)

In a world of often slaughtered language and texting abbreviations, I appreciate John Green's teens -- with their extensive vocabularies and witty use of Venn diagrams.  This is a rare case when I welcome a movie.  I want more Hazel and Gus.  And, in most ways, I think it's a book that will translate well to film.  

Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley will be Gus & Hazel Grace.

Any other The Fault in Our Stars / John Green enthusiasts out there?
I already know that some of you are decidedly not. 
That's okay; I like you anyway.
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The John Green Collection:

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