Saturday, October 5, 2013

5: Sci-Fi Saturday- Starters

Like many others, The Hunger Games ushered me into the now popular world of Dystopian fiction.   Lissa Price's Starters is my most recent find.  A must-read recommendation from my sister, Starters is a plot-driven page-turner where no one can be trusted, even a familiar face.

While the U.S. prepared for a germ warfare attack, vaccinations were limited and were dispensed to protect the most vulnerable among us -- the young and the old.  Consequently the bulk of the population was destroyed, leaving the country with two distinct groups, the Starters and the Enders.  With the wealthy Enders as the controlling class, orphaned unclaimed minors Callie Woodland and her little brother Tyler are forced to fend for themselves on the streets.  The technology to rent out teenage bodies via brain implants raises the stakes of morality and pulls Callie into a lethal game with twists at every turn.

I couldn't put it down.  The last page made me gasp and quickly check to see if the next book had already been written.  Answer: Yes, it has.  Hurry up and read Starters so you can join the countdown to the January release of its sequel, Enders .  You can even pre-order it {here }.

Many thanks to my seester Shari for the recommendation.

What are your favorite Dystopian novels?  I have my favorites - I'd love to hear yours.
I'll be sharing a few more of mine this month.

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