Sunday, October 6, 2013

6: Sunday Edition - Songs Eight Six

Most books I love and recommend are popular, recognizable novels.  But my favorite thing is passing along a true gem that isn't well-known -- yet.  Today I get to introduce you to one of those, Songs Eight Six by Lisabeth Posthuma.  

I pre-read it months ago and this story is still rattling around in my brain.  My husband and I have spent many nerdy hours discussing the plot, the characters and their futures.  Each supporting character is as bright and nuanced as the main characters and I found myself rooting for all of them.  

Don't underestimate what opens as a high school love story.   It quickly morphs into a page-turner laced with mystery, disaster, wonder and the weight of decision.  Lisabeth keeps you guessing at every turn in this freshly non-formulaic novel.  Deep with meaning, layered in metaphor, this story will not only entertain you as you chase the ending -- it will change you if you let it.

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The Book Thief made me contemplate how I view people and who I really am.  Songs Eight Six made me consider the cost of my spiritual life.  In a beautiful way, it allowed me to embrace the cost of following the One I love and to let go of some bitterness that had been building a nest in my heart.  You will probably walk away from this novel with something else entirely. Which is one of the marks of a deeply-layered story, it has so much to say.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the author about her book a few weeks ago.  If you'd like to hear more about her and the story, you can read that interview {here}.  If you'd be interested in hosting a book club discussion of Songs Eight Six , contact the author {here}... because reading is more fun with friends, right?


What's the last fictional story that changed something inside of you?


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  1. Sounds like a very interesting read... I'm curious, its going to have to go on the TBR.


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