Thursday, October 31, 2013

31: Before-it-hits-the-theater Thursday - The Matched Trilogy

Like so many other people, while mourning the loss of finishing the Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy I basically devoured every dystopian novel out there.  I enjoyed most of them, and found a few very worthy favorites along the way.  Ally Condie's Matched Trilogy has its own tone, slightly outside of the dystopian norm.   I personally enjoyed its poetic nature.  It's a quieter, slower story.  Like The Giver did for me, Matched  renewed my enthusiasm for music, poetry and the freedom to create.  It's so easy to take our general freedoms for granted.

The first book reads more like romance upon first reading, but when you read it in context of the set -- there is more going on under the surface.  Cassia lives in a very controlled society, a safe society.  Literature, art and music have been narrowed down to a few appropriate selections.  The ability to write and draw is unnecessary.  At a Matching ceremony on your seventeenth birthday, Society reveals your perfect match.  When Cassia's information shows the face of her best friend Xander, she is surprised but pleased.  You are never matched with someone you know.  When another face briefly flickers across her screen, she is even more surprised.  It's Ky --  another boy she knows, someone not eligible to be matched.  Though she knows it was just a glitch, the seeds of doubt and curiosity are planted and take root.   Unadulterated trust for Society's choice and Society's rule waivers.  Rumors of The Rising, and The Pilot who will lead it, become difficult to ignore.  The rest you'll have to read for yourself...

The film rights for Matched were purchased by Disney and Offspring before the first book was released back in 2010.  A director was selected in 2012, and casting is rumored to begin soon.  {Here} is a recent interview with Ally, discussing the future film adaptation.  I'm routing for this one makes it to film.
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  1. I really liked the first two in this series, but felt let down by the third. I dont know, maybe I just always hate the third books in trilogies....?? Or maybe I just hate that it's the end.


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