Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Once upon a northern night

I have a new illustration crush.

Isabelle Arsenault.  

Oh my.  The beauty.  

I am currently enthralled with grey-toned illustrations with limited hits of color.  Isabelle does this and creates infinite gorgeousness.  Forgive me for my penchant for hyperbole when I am in love.  I can't help myself.

You must get yourself a copy of Once Upon a Northern Night .  The text is a poem by Jean E. Pendziwol and I love the way she fashions words almost as much as I love Arsensault's artwork.  The poem is dreamy, a soft wintry love note to a child.  I want to type you every word, right here.  But I don't think that's legal.  Enlarge these photos for a taste.

Now please excuse me while I update my Best Picture Books of 2013 booklist.  This calls for an amendment.

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  1. Isabelle Arsenault is a true talent! I can't wait to see this book. Virginia Wolf is one of my very favorites and pretty much everything she does is magic, right?


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