Thursday, February 27, 2014

insomniac's lament

Image source:
 from The Insomniacs by Katrina Wolf,
Art by The Brothers Hilts.
One of my faves.  Read my review {here}.

teeth clench the slip 
of slumber
waiting to usher me under
while flickers of films
the day kept at bay
seep under my lashes
I coax my fingers 
calm my skin
beg my brain
to walk the path
to quiet

10 | 2013

I thought I lost this poem.  It turned up tonight, a long lost friend.  Last year was the year of insomnia.  Thankfully I have remembered how to sleep again.  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Be still my heart.

Oh my.

Cue the excitement.

It seems that 2014 will bring the world a new Mac Barnett/Jon Klassen collaboration:

EXTRA YARN is my book crush of all book crushes, so I will be counting the days to hold this book in my hands.  As if Autumn didn't already have enough awesomeness.

p.s.  If anyone wants me to gush about this in advance, I'd love a copy to gush about.