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How to enjoy Bonfire Night 2020 at home

Posted by Hailey Bennett on

The Bonfire Night—also called the Fireworks Night—is one of the most awaited events in the UK each year. Every November 5th, people light bonfires and set off fireworks as soon as the evening arrives. In some cities and towns, municipalities organise a massive bonfire by the park, following it with a professional firework display for all of its constituents.

This annual British Festival is the best way to spend the night with close family and friends. Gathering together and watching grand spectacles with your loved ones are great memories to keep forever. If you are looking for more ways to make the night even more special, we have some suggestions you can do in the safety of your own home.


You do not always have to go out to have fun. In fact, staying at home to celebrate the event with your family and friends can be extra special too!

Bringing the Fireworks Night to your home ensures that everyone would be safe and cosy while enjoying the comforts of your own living room. It serves as the best bonding opportunity before the Christmas rush officially begins!


Apart from seeing fireworks from your view, it is always a pleasant sight to see the fireworks come close to you. Good thing there are fireworks you can buy specially designed for garden use! They would not make disrupting sounds and are safe to use near bushes and trees—making it the perfect addition for your little home gathering.

At-home fireworks are a great spectacle to have when you are hosting a garden party. It could be the highlight of your party where everyone would gather together to enjoy the show.


The awe one feels when staring at the lovely fireworks display never gets old. If adults enjoy it, how else would the kids respond? A fireworks show is always a mesmerising sight to have, but sometimes kids would also want to experience it first hand—and you also need to let them face it once in their lives to let them feel the magic of pyrotechnics!

The Bonfire Night is not an event exclusive for adults. Kids should be part of the celebration too! Start with sparklers you can purchase for your kid’s entertainment. Just make sure to have someone who will supervise them the entire time. 

At first, you would enjoy seeing them have fun—until you find yourself playing with the little sparklers too! Do not worry; there is no judgement here. Sparklers are for all ages, after all!


If you are the type of party host that does not put a lot of effort into creating a program but want to start or end your night with a bang, a fireworks display would always do the trick. 

Get some single ignition types of fireworks for your small get together. You merely need to light the fuse and watch as its beauty unfolds! Single ignition fireworks would allow you to choose the number of shots you want to have, ranging from 32 to 500. Whether you choose a grand display or a simpler one, any choice would still surprise and entertain everyone!


Fireworks make November 5th one of the most awaited days of the year, and it is always great to have some with you as you celebrate at home with your family and friends. Whatever fireworks you get, make sure to observe proper handling and disposal, especially when with children! Remember to always buy quality fireworks from reliable sources for the best results.

For the best fireworks in the UK, consider checking out Lets Party Fireworks.

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My Favourite Books

Posted by Hailey Bennett on

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the book that started it all, as well as the least sophisticated, most endearing e-book within the collection. In 2017 Andy Muschietti’s It—an adaptation of horror legend Stephen King’s 1986 novel—grew to become the very best-grossing horror movie of all time. It was a becoming badge of honour for King, the prolific horror novelist who has seen lots of his books and stories transferred to movie, usually with only blended success. At one point throughout her arduous hike, she considers burning the guide to avoid wasting weight in her pack, as she did with other books she read along the trail.

I was even in a position to lead a discipleship class this yr that studied the guide and mentioned tips on how to use or not use our smartphones in our every day life. More than only a listing of all of the dangerous issues about smartphones, Reinke analyses their results and asks you to consider how you want to use your smartphone in mild of that.

Plus, it takes place in Seattle, the place my daughter lives, so I could picture most of the places she talks about. The ending was my favourite, and, though I don’t want to give anything away, I think she handles the subject material very well. This is, palms down, the best book I read in 2017.

It’s a e-book that’s destined to become a basic because, not only is it lengthy, it is complex and fantastically written. When I picked it up I puzzled how on earth an author may make one setting fascinating, however Towles has done it. I will most likely return and read this one repeatedly. Anyway, listed here are my favourite fiction reads for 2017. Next week I’ll share my favorite non-fiction reads.

“There was no cause to not burn this e-book too,” she writes. “Instead, I only hugged it to my chest.” Along the best way the portray – hidden but all the time present – accompanies Theo, via his plunge into drug use to a murderous incident abroad. A Christian have a look at smartphones and their effects on our psychology, social interactions, and relationship with God, Tony Reinke’s guide is a classic of this decade that I’ll need to come back to again earlier than lengthy. It changed my smartphone habits, made me extra capable of realize when I am being modified negatively by it, and has made me think about the way to shape my children as nicely, especially when they’re old enough to have smartphones .

Its quasi-documentary style was increasingly in trend at the time. Indeed a lot of my favourite directors in the course of the Nineteen Nineties used the same style.

I started this 6-volume novel after I was center-aged and ended it once I was in my 60s. It was the primary book I ever learn that had the texture of life as I expertise it.

I didn’t need to read this one, but it was Wheaton College’s choose for the varsity yr, and when my daughter read it as an incoming freshman and said, “Mom, you HAVE to read this book! It’s probably the greatest books I’ve ever learn,” I knew I had to do it. Thankfully, my pal, Lisa, agreed to read and talk about it with me, so I had the motivation. This was not a simple read, nevertheless it was so thought-frightening that I’m glad I read it.

I’m going to go on the general public record and say that I liked Holden Caulfield after I read this book in ninth grade. He was a whiny brat, yes, however so was I, and I think about that many other angsty teens felt similarly. Clearly, a few of these teens are coming again to an old favorite as angsty adults. Harry Potter is a bestseller a number of hundred times over, and most true fans have read the collection two, or three, or ten times throughout.

OK, granted, this didn’t get great evaluations on Goodreads. It’s not a masterpiece like A Gentleman in Moscow—they aren’t even in the same class! —but this was a fun read by the creator of Where’d You Go Bernadette?

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About me

Posted by Hailey Bennett on

My name is Hailey and welcome to my Blog. I’ve been blogging over on Facebook for a few years now – but now comes the time to start my own website and blog.

Having my own website gives me the freedom to write about whatever I want in the exact format I want without having to lose all formatting via a Facebook post!

A little bit about me…

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband, Ian, and my son (aged 6), Oscar. I work as a writer (hence my love for blogging) – and I do mainly commercial writing for some big UK businesses… press releases and the like. I do most of this from home, which allows me to look after Oscar too.